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^THE ASSAULT - the assault on satori begins with the people of know stowing their whims into crimson charges setting their souls to fly the coming wind into night for days and days with crashing lights and thunder made hell bent over in its masquerade the assualt on satori begins with the people of know not counting the sins of the other ones crusading for order in the coming din into night for days and days where panic reigns with famine plague hell bent over in its masquerade the assault on satori grows and confusion clamors at the walls of those hallowed halls on the ground in pieces lie the crystal ball it saw it all hell bent over in its masquerade the assault on satori ends with the people of know unpacking their whims they have it well in tow and the people of know not know not where to go into day for the afterage and those of know enjoyed the play hell bent over in its grand charade.

~PASSION MOUNT - yes I wish you were here there are things I would say to you about me about you about the things that we could do when time is found we'll do the town and hear the bells of love and life ring true yes I would love to see you I would love to love you too and feel our passion mount yes I wish I was there I'd play my fingers thru your hair we'd turn the tide and take that ride push on and do the things we dare we live our days at the brink.

^UTAH SPECIAL - ridin' into utah we were miles and days from what we knew with no one knowin where we were goin' the two of us could pick and choose early summer big ole moon hot and dry and snow and cold sunset time our love is blind my motor was echoin' off the stone I never knew that I could feel so good we never was closer to never coming home again she knows she went right to my heart but I never really had a chance with her smile and big brown eyes and her holding me the way she does she knows me better than I do she wants to go where I go to nothin' else need come my way she's all I need utah special more than I bargained for snuck up on me 'fore I knew now I never was much for believin' leastways nothin' that'd ever come my way come close to striking me as true but in the valley of the gods somethin' touched me it ain't no joke I'd never been that close before I've been that close alot since then better believe I believe.

*ONLY THE BLACK ROSE - silence silence now not a sound stillness everywhere now and the trees to the winds gently bow holding visions of the past and the gloom and for a moment you're in the room and just as clouds rollin' by no one watching them fly only the black rose stands up to the sky.

~IT AIN'T EASY - breaking from what I believed and time ran on thru restless sleep stuck in ruts that ran so deep and now you're all I think of it ain't easy it's hard to say you know how I want you I need you I love you winded from the heated race on gilded roads that strain the pace what was so close faded away and then I see your face now in the morning 'fore we rise before the sun can get too high before the morning dew can dry you'll know how I love you.

~I CAN'T LOSE YOUR MEM'RY - I can't lose your mem'ry I'm tot'ly disassembleed I drag like a stone where has all life gone I can't lose your mem'ry I win ev'ry time I can't lose your mem'ry yep you're still down deep in me tho you're not in my future and my heart took a suture I can't lose your mem'ry I win ev'ry time I still call you mine all mine I can't lose your mem'ry it wouldn't be best for me now I ain't even tryin' it just breaks my mind I can't lose your mem'ry I win ev'ry time I can't lose.

`RAMBLIN' MAN - I can settle down and be doing just fine till I hear an old freight rolling down the line then I hurry straight home and pack and if I didn't go I believe I'd blow my stack I love you baby but you've got to understand when the Lord made me He made a ramblin' man some folks might say that I'm so good that I wouldn't settle down if I could but when that open road starts to callin' me there's somethin' o'er the hill that I got to see sometimes its hard but you've got to understand when the Lord made me He made a ramblin' man I love to see the towns a passin' by and to ride these rails 'neath God's blue sky let me travel this land from the mountains to the sea 'cause that's the life I believe He meant for me and when I'm gone and at my grave you stand just say God's called home your ramblin' man.

^HEY HEY - take my body breath away on a steel grey steed with a silver mane to my homeland there to stay hey hey keep the fire burning hey hey keep the coals hot hey hey never forget what you got no no no rake my mind from garden seed to luscious fruit with which to breed the ever new to pipe on reed hey hey quake my spirit and make it see and plunge my self to worlds between I know you know what I mean hey hey keep the fire burning hey hey keep the coals hot.

^PBOD - pulse to start the blood at beating alive to burst from the womb pulse a throb that keeps repeating soon to enter a new tomb breath to fire our mixed emotions sacred between me and you breath to carry out our notions we must have something to get thru pulse breath orgasm death orgasm and me as I am as I come and where I go orgasm my spastic spasms I'm caught up as the juices flow death is only that which frees me takes me for another ride death is only that which sees me slip onto the other side slip into a place you know air turns to mud and fills your nose earthworms crawl across your tongue singing the same songs you once sung time forgets its come and go you come up smelling like a rose an impulse from somewhere else starts your pulse breath the big o the end and then again.

~ANOTHER DAY - another day miles away alot of twists and turns along the way still alive somewhat surprised still on the road of paradise another day it's a long time past I didn't think it would go that fast what was once a nightmare dream that dream is dead long live the dream it's another day.

lyrics: `hank williams - *keith relf - ^~ron hamilton

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produced by ron hamilton for JRH. - concord, ca. usa - fone 925.798.3199
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arranged by hamilton/allred
recorded and engineered by byron allred at ram studios, martinez, ca.
mastered by george horn at fantasy recording studios, berkeley, ca.
songs by ron hamilton except 'only the black rose'/keith relf and 'ramblin' man'/hank williams
ron - guitars, vocals ; instruments - byron
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