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THIS IS NOT (Rocket Science, etc.) - I've seen 'em come I've seen 'em go they were so bright where did they all go, they had the answers they had the plans but that wasn't enough their plans were castles made of sand, this is not rocket science this is not rules compliance this is not all fun and games and mom and apple pie. don't even hope when nothin's left when it's all over then here comes the real test, half-way to heaven half-way to hell one way or the other you never really can tell, fall out of love and then you fall in can't say when it comes but give it a spin again, start it all over pull up you boots dust off your hat and get back to your roots.

AIN'T DREAMIN' - Can you really feel what you want to do and be or is it a dream that you alone can see when you grab at anything you might touch do you find you just touch too much is it a fantasy well it's talking to you talking to me, dream dream dream dreams ain't just for dreamin' dream dream dream I ain't just dreamin' no. I heard of a dream a dream that we could share the apples on a tree shined red in crystal air dreams got things to show you go ahead and dream what you please I let my dreams lift me I want those still out of my reach. Sure, I'm living a dream right now I've lived it one more day thru looking for satisfaction looking fo me and you I know what I'm after and after that I'm after more 'cause we've got more to be eaten when we eat what we've got to the core.

HEAD & HEART - The days go one by one away the road has yet to end there lay no reason in my soul to come and go was fine, my head sees things two ways my heart sees its own my head makes its own space my heart is on the stone. Live by a code and see it thru unspoken words that say dreams that come true don't satisfy it's all in the chase. I fell so hard for her in love now I know what love is and memories can rest in peace I can sleep at night.

WHAT A WORLD - I hold your hand in mine you'll be gone tomorrow when will I see you when will I see you nothing's wrong it's just the tide reason collides with emotion, reason collides with emotion daytime remains dark and still what matter in the end what matter in the end beginning a clean slate bring the curtain down, what a world that keeps on turning a mix of joy and pain hot and cold the winds keep blowing at your back then in your face again. I hold your hand in mine. Bring the cutain down have another round of drink dance until you don't remember dance until you don't remember what yesterday lay in store turn the world over and over. When will I see you. What a world.

MOTHER'S CHILD - Most won't make the change happy with the status quo most will stay the same and say it just ain't so well we've got no time for waste it's long past '84 we've got to change our ways before they bar the door. A brave new world - I'm seeing red with green eyes and I'm feeling black I'm blue from all of the white lies that misconstrue the facts we've got big brothers man with rope under his coat they've got their one world plan they're going for the throat. We was your very ordinary mother's child we was your very ordinary juvenile now we're the extraordinary in a world gone wild that's right. I think we've got it backwards we've been dead since our birth from what i see and hear the bad is getting worse what is this talk of livind most barely exist all for one and one for all has always been a myth, look out. don't worry be happy no problem trust 'em feel good.

TWO HEARTS FLY - Said their goodbyes there'll be no more trying two more hearts fly their own way. And so it goes there'll be no more roses and two more souls go their own way.

THAT'S LIFE(at Ground Zero) - You spend all day explaining how the status quo needs rearranging but the big wheels ain't too keen on changin' there's big bucks in the war the're wagin', here today gone tomorrow that's life at ground zero. The whole world's in deep water and nothin's like it ought to be all you sons and daughters you must be liking what you see. You say you're looking to be free, well I let free come look for me and free followed me from sea to sea sasying when you're dead then you'll be free real free.

ALL I NEED - What's come has gone with just a trace familiar is now out of place too little time in too much space but just in time for another race, All I need is to look in your eyes and my cold heart melts away all I need is one look in your eyes and it all makes sense to me. Steal you blind if caught at ease and good men sink down to their knees and women pray for just relief play in school learn on the street. More and moe lip service crock and truth is hidden under rock and right is wrong and go is stop living now with future shock.

MAKING YOU - Could be I've been messing round maybe I'm going round and round could be I'm too serious maybe I'm delirious, but I've been towing the line I've been taking the time I've been making you making you all mine. Could be you're my cause celebre maybe I'm out on a ledge could be you're a cause I've lost maybe I don't count the cost. Could be you're my pride and joy maybe still my favorite toy could be you make my heart sing maybe you're my everything.

THE THRILL IS - Oh yeah Oh boy All right. Been down long winding roads and missed a curve or two what does your future hold can you read the clues turn over every stone what you got to lose, the thrill is what the magic unveils the thrill is the devil in the details. Calm seas storm tossed still sailing free found fame star crossed still worth the dream high hopes all lost all ain't what it seems. Look for love high and low all 'round the world go for the mother load fool's gold and pearls drink deep and feed your soul with your flag unfurled.

HIGHWAY 395 - Highway (mountains and high plains) 395 - time to (and deserts call your name) take a ride. Mountains to the sky candy for my eyes on the road I fly I'm free. High plains empty sound far off a small town stars reach to the ground at night - time loses its grip into my mind I slip away slip away. A desert dawn refrain it rolls like a train and now the sun reigns.

Lyrics by Ron Hamilton

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Rec. & Eng. by Byron Allred, RAM Studios, Martinez, CA
Arr. by Hamilton/Allred; Ron - guitars, vocals, bass / Byron - bass, keys, drums
Vocals on Highway 395 - Patti Sterling
Mastered by Cody Blake @ Sheheshe Music Services, Pomona, MO
Produced by JRH
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