Ron Hamilton Alt Rock Country Cowboy

Pick a song, any song.

Most of the songs on Wilderado Serendip and Round Pegs & Square Holes
were played in bands and are original, and most while in the band
Rebels and Infidels. Alt Rock Country Cowboy Punk? Metal?


On the Bayou, a play, is about a chance meeting with Hank Williams in
Southwestern Louisiana while he was on tour just weeks before he passed.
The Story, at sunset and told in 1 hour, is in the dialogue between the 16 songs.

Gone Cowboy is just cello, guitar, and vocal. They are covers of my favorites.


Lyrics/Liner Notes - Wilderado - RoundPegs - On the Bayou - Gone Cowboy

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I've been in bands and recorded in Lake Charles, La., Los Angeles,
Cape Cod Massachusetts, Houston, and the Bay Area California.
My favorites - "The Oracle," "Rebels & Infidels," and "Siamese Triplets."
After moving to Concord, I began recording these songs.

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